Sex Sells; yet another commentary

In the world we live in today sex can sell many objects that are completely unrelated to sex in anyway. This ad is for Calvin Klein and features Kate Moss completely nude. This advertisement is trying to sell cologne and is ad will definitely grab a mans attention. This ad, like many others, leads buyers to believe or fantasize that they will get more women by wearing this cologne. I want to discuss the pros, cons, and what I think about using sex to sell.

The pros of using sex in advertisement is that it definitely catches the eye. For example, lets say there is an ad selling a popular brand of shoes. The first commercial has an average guy wearing the shoes and his buddy comes up and perhaps says something along the lines of “Whoa dude, your shoes are super awesome!” and then they shoe a close up of the shoes and the ad ends. The second commercial has an average guy wearing the shoes and walking down the street and a few girls being to follow him, then more and more, that they being to chase him and tackle because they think he is “hot” because of his amazing shoes. Maybe not the best example of an ad but you get the idea. Which ad do you think would be more convincing to a guy looking at the ads? More than likely the second example. Sex is appealing, exciting, and some thing that the world desires. The pros of using sex to sell a product is that it is definitely an interesting way to convince people to buy a product.

The Cons
Using sex to sell a product can be extremely distasteful and revolting in some cases. Using sex to sell can also turn away people from buying a product. Another problem with using sex in advertisements is that it can be distracting and people may not even notice what is trying to be sold. For example, I saw an ad the other day and by the end of it I had no clue what they were trying to sell whatsoever. I tried to remember what they were trying to sell and I could not remember what was being sold. The ads can also make people uncomfortable and insecure which is not necessarily what companies want their prospective consumers to feel like after seeing their advertisements. These ads which use sex to attract customers also objectify women and men and this is one way they can become distasteful. Another problem is that some of these ads go extremely way too far and cross the line and turn away people from buying their products.

What do you think they are trying to sell?

My guess’s were that they were trying to sell underwear, a trip to the Caribbean, or a bikini. They spend about 2 seconds of this 32 second ad telling you what they are selling.

What I think
I think that using sex to sell is a good way to sell something if it is done tastefully. The keyword there is tastefully. My opinion of tastefulness can differ from others but I am sure there is a middle ground where we can all agree on whether something is tasteful or not. Anyway the ads can be tasteful. I am a photographer and though I don’t do nude photography [nor do I really look at it, but I remember my photography teacher talking to us about nude photography and showing us pictures that were actually artistic and not disgusting] my point is that these ads can be artistic and tasteful. Another thing is that these ads can be clever or funny, they don’t have to be all ” BAM SEX LOOK WOMEN WILL WANT YOU! MEN WILL WANT YOU! YAY SEX SEX SEX!” If the ad is funny or is witty then, in my opinion, it doesn’t make the ad really distasteful or stupid. Another thing is…how hard is it to make an ad that has sex in it? It is kind of a no brainer. Come on lets try and use our brains and think a little and who knows maybe something intricate and exciting may come out. This is simply my opinion, take it or leave it.


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Getting lost in the Cherry Orchard

About a week ago my theater class and I went to see “The Cherry Orchard”. We had previously read and discussed the play in my English class so we had a decent understanding of the play. Watching it was far more entertaining that reading Chekhov. Watching a play shows you way more than reading it could. Like said by one of the guest speakers in my theater class is “A play is meant to be seen, not read” or something along those lines. Watching the play definitely conveyed Chekhovs intended meaning clearer than reading it ever could. One thing that stood out to me was the relationship conflict between, Varya, Liubov, and Lopahkin.

Varya wanted to get married to Lopahkin, she was simply waiting for him to ask her. Many of the other characters kept bringing up her getting married to Lopahkin and she would say in a stern tone “You shouldn’t joke about such things.” Varya would also talk about how she only desired for her younger sister Anya to be married and then her life would be complete so she could go off to join a convent. Her mother, Liubov, constantly was encouraging her daughter and Lopahkin to get married and even gave Lopahkin a chance at the end of the play to ask Varya for her hand in marriage but he never did. While watching the play it was easy to see that Lopahkin did not love Varya or have the desire to marry her at all. Sure Lopahkin thought Varya was a great woman but did not want to marry her. Lopahkin wanted to be with Liubov. He showed many romantic gestures toward her which made his feelings quite obvious.

Watching “The Cherry Orchard” made all of this easier to see and understand just one of the many conflicting and confusing relationships that occur in the play.


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The Chase, a commentary.

For some reason it seems like girls are chasing after boys, rather than boys chasing after girls. I just have a few things to say about this topic, issue, what have you. This will be structured in a pros, cons, and then my view upon the situation.

The Brightside.
In previous years in American culture, it seemed that the young man would usually go up to a lady he desired to court and ask her out. Today this is not necessarily the truth, in my experience and from what I have seen, girls are doing all of the asking for numbers and asking out the boys. The bright side to this is that girls don’t have to wait for a boy that they like to come up and ask them out. The girls can go out and get what they want. This does give young women the power to go after what their heart desires and not be afraid to. This also brings a sense of equality on the playing field of dating.

The Dark Side
The dark side to this is that it complicates dating. I have noticed how friends of mine wonder if they should go up to the guy or wait for him to come up to her, this progresses to them stressing out about how they are afraid if they don’t talk to him then he might not come up and talk to her and it might end up being a missed opportunity. I have also heard of disputes of them wondering if they should pay for the boy, or pay for themselves, or to pay at all.

My Side
First off, I am old fashioned, so I think that girls should not necessarily be throwing themselves at boys. I seriously think that girls need to start leaving the asking out to the boys because that is the way it used to be and should be in my personal opinion. I understand that boys are just as shy and apprehensive as girls are about asking someone out. I know that times have changed and everything is not the same as it used to be and it is common for a girl to be asking out a boy but, this has changed the dating world immensely and caused unnecessary confusion. The divorce rate is higher than it has ever been before. Obviously when the boys were doing the asking it worked just fine. Although I have no way to prove that girls asking out boys has anything to do with the divorce rate, it just seems like couples were in a sense happier back then. I just wish things were the way that they used to be, where it seemed a bit easier than it is nowadays. Maybe its time I man up and ask a guy out?

One thing I do want to ask, is how do you feel about this? Confused? Infuriated? Joyful? Apathetic? Do you find it acceptable, unacceptable? Please leave a comment in response.
a very frustrated pinataprincess

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

First of all: SPOILER ALERT! I will be talking about Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and if you haven’t seen or read it and don’t want anything ruined for you then I suggest you read or watch it, then come back and read this post :]

I saw Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World this week and I really enjoyed it. I have actually been meaning to read the graphic novels for a while now but just haven’t had the time or money. In my opinion this movie was amazing I loved just about everything about it, from the plot to the video game sound effects, and that may well be simply because I am a nerd but this movie did get me thinking about relationships so to some degree.

If you read the movie poster at the top it gives a basic idea of the plot for the movie “Get the hot girl, defeat her evil exes. Hit love where it hurts.” So basically, Scott Pilgrim falls for this mysterious gorgeous girl named Ramona Flowers. Little did poor Scott know that he would have to defeat her seven evil exes. This got me thinking of something that happens in most relationships, dealing with exes. Although I have never had a relationship I know that ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends can pose an issue in a relationship. Obviously it is never a good idea to talk about or bring up past relationships especially when you are starting a new relationship. Sometimes unfortunately exes some how get brought into a relationship and it can definitely cause conflict. Lets face it, exes suck, and most of the time they just cause problems. Scott and Ramona deal with the issue of exes despite how problematic they actually are and in this case they are trying to kill Scott so they can ruin his relationship with Ramona. That being said Scott had to “Hit love where it hurts”. To me hitting love where it hurts would simply be all the difficult parts about relationships, but in this case it would be dealing with the exes and literally hitting them where it hurts.

One major thing I got from this movie is that you have to fight for love. If you truly love someone you will fight to keep the relationship and do what it takes to make it work no matter what it is.I think that is part of what makes a relationship last. My grandparents have been together for 52 years now and I know that it was not easy. I can imagine that they had battles of their own to deal with along the entire way, but I know that they love each other which is why they fought to keep it alive. I know that relationships are not easy, I know this and they are going to be fights along the way but in the end it will be worth it. In the end of the movie, although it was definitely far from easy, Scott defeated all seven of Ramona’s exes and obviously won her heart.

After finding out that Ramona had all this baggage, Scott stayed with her and didn’t leave her like many guys might have. Scott fought for her which I found to be one of the sweetest things. I know that I want to find someone who is willing to fight for me, maybe not literally, but to fight in a sense to be with me whether that maybe trying to win over my parents or simply win me over. It just made me think that we all need to find someone who will fight for us and worth fighting for. Prince Charming wherever you are, your pinataprincess is waiting. Slay a Dragon or do whatever the hell you have to & I will beat up anyone else who threatens our relationship along the way okay?

~Yours Truly

[P.S Here is a trailer of the movie for those of you who wish to check it out!]

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Beauty and the Beast?

Are you a beauty or a beast? It seems that some people are always looking for some sort of approval on their appearance. Especially girls. I am not saying that guys don’t want approval but for a few reasons it seems that girls are always beating themselves up over the way that they look. A few common sayings are “I am so fat.” “I am ugly.” and I have even heard “I am disgusting.” Whether they believe it or not is to question. Sometimes girls are simply fishing for compliments (I too, have been guilty of this.) Either way. What does beauty have to do with love?

Beauty and love. One thing that got me thinking about this was when a friend and I were talking about a couple who had recently broken up. We were talking about how we had never imagined that these two people would have dated simply based on looks. I know that makes the both of us sound extremely superficial and stupid, which is what I am not trying to do, yes it was stupid but anyway. Back to the point, To the both of us, it just didn’t seem like they would be attracted to each other.(not that it matters what we thought about their relationship, that whole conversation was really dumb.) Then I started to think about the word attraction. What and what this has to do with relationships. I would like to think that most people are not actually shallow at all. If you really think about it, you are going to want to be attracted to the person in one way shape or form because face it, you are possibly going to be kissing this person, and I think that you might want to be attracted to the person you are kissing. So yes attraction and such. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Do you have to meet the worlds distorted perception of “beautiful” to fall in love? No. Being “pretty” has nothing to do with being in love or in a relationship. This is the first time and definitely not the last time I am going to say this in this post; YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

Now. To pick my fight with our distorted perception of beauty. Particularly in the U.S, beauty is defined by the media. The media tells women that we have to be a size 2, tan, perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect skin, and we just HAVE to be wearing all the latest fashions. Perfect this and perfect that. Women and girls get this idea from the television, from magazines, billboards, and other various media. There is just this immense pressure comes from every which way. The other thing is that, these “models” in the pictures are not entirely real because there is a lovely little thing called photoshop out there and it makes everyone fit this cookie cutter image of beautiful. The media pressures women to be like the ones we see on the television or the one we see in the magazine. Now I am not saying all women are affected by this but I think it is safe to say that there are a lot out there who struggle with this. It breaks my heart to know that there are women, teens, and young girls who are struggling with body image and it all beings to stem from our twisted definition of beautiful. Women seem to become so obsessed with changing their looks, they lose themselves in the process. We will all find someone who will love us for who we are and exactly what we look like. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

Our perception of beauty is as altered as much as the way the woman looked at the beginning of the video to the way she looked at the end.
(After I published this, I was reading it, and when I clicked play the video did not work, so please check it out on youtube, it really exposes the way that marketing works in the world of today.)

1 Samuel 16:7 (The Message)

7 But God told Samuel, “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.”

This a verse from the bible and it really stuck out to me tonight at youth service tonight. The service tonight is basically what inspired this entire blog. One major point of the message was that we should not look for approval from the world, and care about only what God thinks because that is all that matters. It is important to focus on what is on the inside of someone rather than the outside. Looks will fade, but personality stays. You are imperfectly perfect and God loves you for that and he will have someone for you who will love you for you.

Finally, this is just a song that I think is a good pick me up for whenever you are feeling a little down.
Until next time,

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Once upon a time

“Once upon a time…” that is how all these fairy tales begin they move onto some sort of conflict but all end with “they lived happily ever after.” That is where most girls develop this dream of finding their prince charming. I can’t keep my self from wondering if there is my own prince charming out there.

I guess you could say that my view on relationships is definitely unique and interesting for four particular reasons. Reason one is because I have never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship of any sort. Yes, I have been on dates before, and boys have liked me and such and I gave them a chance.. but those flames just never really led to a real fire. The second reason is that I have never been kissed and just in case you were wondering.. that fact does not bother me one bit. This is going to sound completely cheesy but when I am older and if my kids happen to ask me “Mom, do you remember your first kiss? Who was it with?” I would like to be able to look over at my Husband and just say “Just ask your Dad.” I know I know I know that is super cheesy. My third is that I guess you could say that I have high expectations. I want a guy who doesn’t drink, smoke, party. I want a guy who has a passion for God and who is pure. Now back in the 50’s that might have not been so hard to find but nowadays…I can say that is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Those are the main expectations but of course there are others which are kind of silly. My final reason is that I am extremely old fashioned in some sense. I don’t think it is right for a girl to be chasing after the boy. I don’t think a girl should be trying to get a guys number or asking him out on dates. I really think it should be the other way around, which seems to be the case these days. It doesn’t seem that some guys are really stepping up to the plate in some ways. My keyword there is some guys, not all. I know that there are definitely some gentlemen left out there somewhere.

Despite the fact that I have never had a relationship, I seem to actually know a lot about them and have a lot of insight on them because everyone else around me has been in them. I have heard my fair share of trials and tribulations about relationships. Just because I have heard a great deal about relationships I know it doesn’t justify how it actually feels to be in a relationship but I guess I have a little bit of insight.

Time for a little back story on why I have this blog. This is actually an assignment for my English class. Although we are only doing this for a short time I am really considering keeping this blog long after the assignment and the class is done. This will just be my thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, and experiences with relationships on my way to happily ever after. I hope I don’t have to kiss any frogs along the way. With that being said I hope that this post has given you a little insight to me as a person and hopefully you will be able to understand my future postings a little bit better.

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My hello world post.

First thing I want to say that my header art [the image with the girl kissing the frog]
is by DoraLovely on Deviantart and you can find more of her beautiful work by clicking the link.
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Hello to all of you who may be reading this.
I am extremely excited to be doing this blog because it is an assignment for my English class.
I hope all of you enjoy reading my blog.

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