This entire blog was inspired from playing chess with a close friend of mine. I am terrible at chess and glad that my friend even plays with me.(I have to ask him what the rules are and how each piece can move, repeatedly throughout the entire game.) I would also like to address that I am writing this at 2 in the morning for two reasons. 1. I have to write this now or I will lose my entire train of thought on the subject. 2. I can’t sleep with all these words, thoughts, and ideas spinning around inside my head. I apologize for lack of correct spelling and prettier diction. Now onto the blog.

As I was playing chess with my friend Adam, I kept taking short, small, and meaningless movements that did not help me win in anyway whatsoever. As for Adam, he continually made big, smart, and strategic movements throughout the game which he ended up winning. I dawned upon this thought about half way through our game, “Being subtle doesn’t work in any situation. Whether you are playing chess or dealing with boys.” I think this is extremely true. Being subtle doesn’t get you what you want in life, in relationships, at work, in just about any situation. I will tell you what being subtle does get you, confusion and a whole lot of it. Whenever you are subtle with another individual, it will only bring confusion. They won’t pick up on your “hints” that you are trying to convey to them. Especially with guys, in my opinion. I have known for a long time that they don’t pick up on hints. It is best to tell them as straight forwardly as possible. (No offense to all the guys out there who could possibly be reading this. I have been told many times before by other guys that it is best to just be straight forward with a guy if you want him to know something and I am just passing along the message.)

As far as being straight forward goes in a relationship. If you take petty, safe, and meaningless, movements then that won’t help you get to where you want to be in a relationship. It is the adventurous, risky, and bold movements you might just end up where you want. The outcome might even surprise you a bit if you aren’t afraid to say exactly what you want to say or do exactly what you want to do. Now this is easier said than done of course and should be done with a little bit of caution of course. It wouldn’t be smart to act on impulse, and it would makes sense to think about something before you say it. Sometimes we all forget to think before we speak or and do anything which then ends up causing conflict. If you take time to think about what you are going to say or do the outcome can be quite satisfying, just like in a game of chess. Adam was thinking about his moves and using strategy which ultimately caused him to win the game, unlike the moves I took throughout the game which were petty, stupid, and pointless. It is important for people to think about what they do in a relationship and about how about each movement should cause you to win in the end. Whether winning means, getting married, having a relationship become official, or simply asking someone out and having them say yes in reply.

I would also like to advise that you aren’t reckless in relationships. Love can make people do some pretty weird things. Although I am trying to encourage people to be bold with this post I also want to advise that is important to be careful. In Proverbs 4:23 it says “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”It is important that we are careful with our hearts because they are extremely fragile, don’t be reckless with your heart. Be adventurous but smart in the sticky situations also known as relationships.

Hopefully I can listen start to listen to my own advice and possibly stop being so shy.


P.S To the few people who have been wanting more blogs from me I am sorry I haven’t posted in really long time. I just got distracted with summer and I really only try to write when I really feel I have a point to make. I don’t want to write every week and have it be meaningless. I want it to have some sort of meaning/emotion/experience….something behind my posts. I will make an attempt to write more soon.


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A few things about me: I am not just any other girl. I am straight edge. I love Jesus. I read, sing, & daydream a lot. Things I like: My family, my friends, gloomy bears music, Japan, playing piano, pokemon, video games, cosplay, coloring, baking cupcakes, long walks, anime, & wearing other peoples jackets. Things I Dislike: Drugs, alcohol, raves, mean people, Tyler Perry movies, & M. Night Shymalan.
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