A relationship can be related to how clocks work. Clocks work in a very particular way and have many small pieces to them. Each piece must fit and work correctly for the clock to work correctly. If tiny piece is not working right, then the clock won’t work at all. Just because one piece is broken or does not work does not mean that it can not be fixed. Some pieces can be fixed easier than others, but it can be fixed. Clocks keep track of the time that seems to slowly or quickly pass everyone by. Time is related to and has an affect on every element of our lives, just like relationships.

There are many small pieces to a relationship, just like a clock. These small pieces can be the smile that makes everything better, or the feeling you get when the other walks in the room. These are small things but they are all important just like the small pieces in a clock. These small things are part of what makes a relationship work. The small things are what contribute to the big picture, the relationship as whole is built upon the smaller things. Without the small pieces a clock would not work, same goes with a relationship.

These small pieces can become broken sometimes which can be repaired. The small problems in a relationship can only make the relationship stronger. It is important to work through the small pieces. It is okay to say you are sorry or forgive someone, that simply shows that you care more about the relationship than about being right or your pride. For example, when I was little I had a watch that broke and I asked my dad to fix it. I really liked this watch, it was really cute. My dad never had it fixed which is okay. I eventually got a new watch and life went on. This is slightly similar to relationships. If there is a broken piece to a relationship it is important to ask if it is worth fixing? Do you care about the relationship, the other person, enough to fix it? Or do you feel it would be better to simply forget about it and move on with life? Hopefully you find that it your relationship is worth fixing. Hopefully each of you can talk about your problems in a civilized manner. When I say talk I mean talk. I do not mean yell. Just talk about everything. Don’t try to talk things out when you are both upset/angry because it can result in a nasty fight. Just wait until the both of you have calmed down and are ready to figure everything out. Don’t let your emotions drive your decisions. You may regret what you decided based on the emotion you were feeling in the current moment. Trying to talk it out when both of you are clearly upset, would be like trying to replace a piece of a broken clock with a quarter, it might work for a minute but will eventually break again. When both of you are planning on fixing a broken relationship it is important to do it right.

It is important that the two people in a relationship work together. A relationship will not work if there is only one person putting in all the efforts. It is important for each person to contribute equally. I know relationships are not easy. Not in the slightest. What makes them easier is communication and understanding. A simple miscommunication or misunderstanding can send a relationship spiraling down in no time. Just take the time to figure everything out and listen to one another. Things can always be fixed and put back together with the right tools.

Have you ever seen a clockwork? Have you ever noticed how it simply continues to tick-tock the seconds of the day away? This is partially what I imagine a wonderful relationship to work like. It just simply continues to work. With the two right people I think it would work correctly. A few pieces may break along the way or need some repairing but that is how it will be with any relationship. I sometimes notice couples in public and how well they work together. They just know everything about each other and understand each other completely. I just notice how it seems like they were made for each other. Just like the pieces inside of a clock. Each piece was crafted to fit another and work with the other. This is what I hope for my future relationship to be like. That he and I have a simple understanding of each other. I hope for my future relationship to be just like clockwork.


[It is summer so I will hopefully be posting more blogs. I am going to try and post at least once a week. Please leave comments with what you think about this post and any others!. Check out my links on the right side of the page. I just added the He is We link, they are one of my favorite bands and what I primarily listen to when I write these silly things. Take care and thanks for reading!]

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