Even fairytale characters would be jealous…

Fairy tales seem to have given just about every single girl the wrong idea about love. It gives the idea that we are all a princess waiting for our prince to come and save us so we can live happily ever after and that is where the problem begins. I continually wait and wait for this so called prince charming but if you recall in all of those Disney movies all of the princess’ waited for a long time before their prince charming found them. There was always an obstacle that the prince would have to come over to save the princess and of course it wasn’t easy. There was always a evil dragon, witch, or some sort of spell to break to save the princess and without any question the prince willingly would save the princess.

Although those are simply fairy tales and made up for entertainment, I have started to think of a different interpretation for fairy tale’s. A modern fairy tale or interpretation could go something along the lines of their being a girl (the princess) and a boy (the prince). The girl may not be locked far away in the tallest tower guarded by a dragon (that might be child abuse…) but there are problems that can be symbolized such things. Lets say the boy likes the girl and she might like him however, he needs to defeat the dragon and rescue her from the tower. Okay the girl might have been through a lot in her life lets say she has been heartbroken before, cheated on, & lied to by everyone. The previous heart break can be symbolized by the distance & the locked up part of the tower, the heart break can be symbolized by the tower, and the dragon can symbolize the fact that the girl has been lied to by everyone. The boy needs to figure away out to rescue the girl from herself, he needs to help her let her walls down, and figure out why she is so guarded. This is possibly the most difficult part of the story and the boy needs to tackle each problem one part at a time and be extremely strategic about each. The boy needs to earn her trust which will definitely be a task but so is defeating a dragon. Once the boy has found the tower, defeated the dragon, and unlocked it is when he has finally rescued her. After the boy has done all of this he has proven himself to the girl and has shown her that everything is going to be okay. And they lived happily ever after.

I hope I was able to make a connection between fairy tales and modern day issues and how the two relate. I know not all cases will fit the example I gave but hopefully it can give the idea of how they connect in some sort sense. The problems may not always be the same or always pertain to the girl, or just one person in general, because lets face it we all have problems and reasons why we are guarded. The reasons why we are guarded or have walls up etc, may not be such huge issues as heartbreak or anything it can be smaller issues. Either way our prince or princess is going to understand us. It is important that we find someone who can tear our walls down with our permission and trust that they won’t hurt us. If we end up being hurt then obviously that person wasn’t our prince or princess and we simply have to continue waiting…because all of those princess’ waited a long time for their prince to rescue them.

In saying that we have to wait for the prince or princess to rescue us or possibly rescuing each other this will develop and long and lasting relationship that would make fairytale characters jealous. To all my fellow princess’ out there, just be patient your prince will come and he will definitely be worth the wait. To all the prince’s out there, please hurry. For all of you remember you must love your self before you an love anyone else out there. You don’t need someone else to complete you or to make you feel whole because God made you whole and all you need is him. For those of you who are tired or weary from looking for love or feel that you can’t love anyone run to God and he will show you that it will be okay. God cares about you more than anyone else and you are his prized possession please remember that.

Locked away in a tower,


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A few things about me: I am not just any other girl. I am straight edge. I love Jesus. I read, sing, & daydream a lot. Things I like: My family, my friends, gloomy bears music, Japan, playing piano, pokemon, video games, cosplay, coloring, baking cupcakes, long walks, anime, & wearing other peoples jackets. Things I Dislike: Drugs, alcohol, raves, mean people, Tyler Perry movies, & M. Night Shymalan.
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