The Rules of Communication? What are they?

Who calls first? Aren’t you supposed to wait x amount of days before contacting someone after getting their number? It is a question that plagues the mind of both sexes.

In my opinion I personally do not go up and just give out my number to a guy or ask for his number, like I have mentioned previously I am extremely old fashioned and I don’t know why. I wait for a guy to ask me for my number or contact information. Either way when do you know to text or call someone. I have heard that you should not text/call them the same day you got their number.. but then I have also heard you should wait 3 days. Should you text/call them a lot or a little? I figure if they have my number and have some sort of interest in me then they will call me or text me first.. and when they don’t I start to get worried and I somehow end up texting/calling them. Maybe I should just flat out ask the next person…should I text/call you or you text me?

Another thing that I suppose annoys me with communication nowadays is texting. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy texting but I find it to be so much less personal than a telephone conversation. Texting is convenient and a nice way to talk to someone but there is something about a phone call that is just better than texting. This texting whole thing just has complicated things to an extent. There is never a goodbye in texting…sometimes people just completely stop texting you.. and you are left with the question of why (especially if it is someone you like). My friends and I come up with all of these excuses for the other person who stopped texting us for example, “Maybe he got busy?” “Maybe he fell asleep?” or “Maybe his phone didn’t receive the message…?” We come up with these excuses to make ourselves better.. and although it maybe be true he did get “busy” or “fell asleep” but then again.. maybe he got bored and didn’t want to talk to you anymore.. and that is the lousy truth on that.

As I draw to a close this was more of me asking a question along with “ranting” about texting. Let me know your thoughts on this topic? What do you thing? Are there rules?…if there are..please tell me. What are your rules?

~Text me!


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A few things about me: I am not just any other girl. I am straight edge. I love Jesus. I read, sing, & daydream a lot. Things I like: My family, my friends, gloomy bears music, Japan, playing piano, pokemon, video games, cosplay, coloring, baking cupcakes, long walks, anime, & wearing other peoples jackets. Things I Dislike: Drugs, alcohol, raves, mean people, Tyler Perry movies, & M. Night Shymalan.
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2 Responses to The Rules of Communication? What are they?

  1. Awesome post, Im so the same way..if a guy likes me i want him to make ask for my personal info (;
    waiting 3 days is stupid…if you like the person..just text em when you get the first chance.

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