Sex Sells; yet another commentary

In the world we live in today sex can sell many objects that are completely unrelated to sex in anyway. This ad is for Calvin Klein and features Kate Moss completely nude. This advertisement is trying to sell cologne and is ad will definitely grab a mans attention. This ad, like many others, leads buyers to believe or fantasize that they will get more women by wearing this cologne. I want to discuss the pros, cons, and what I think about using sex to sell.

The pros of using sex in advertisement is that it definitely catches the eye. For example, lets say there is an ad selling a popular brand of shoes. The first commercial has an average guy wearing the shoes and his buddy comes up and perhaps says something along the lines of “Whoa dude, your shoes are super awesome!” and then they shoe a close up of the shoes and the ad ends. The second commercial has an average guy wearing the shoes and walking down the street and a few girls being to follow him, then more and more, that they being to chase him and tackle because they think he is “hot” because of his amazing shoes. Maybe not the best example of an ad but you get the idea. Which ad do you think would be more convincing to a guy looking at the ads? More than likely the second example. Sex is appealing, exciting, and some thing that the world desires. The pros of using sex to sell a product is that it is definitely an interesting way to convince people to buy a product.

The Cons
Using sex to sell a product can be extremely distasteful and revolting in some cases. Using sex to sell can also turn away people from buying a product. Another problem with using sex in advertisements is that it can be distracting and people may not even notice what is trying to be sold. For example, I saw an ad the other day and by the end of it I had no clue what they were trying to sell whatsoever. I tried to remember what they were trying to sell and I could not remember what was being sold. The ads can also make people uncomfortable and insecure which is not necessarily what companies want their prospective consumers to feel like after seeing their advertisements. These ads which use sex to attract customers also objectify women and men and this is one way they can become distasteful. Another problem is that some of these ads go extremely way too far and cross the line and turn away people from buying their products.

What do you think they are trying to sell?

My guess’s were that they were trying to sell underwear, a trip to the Caribbean, or a bikini. They spend about 2 seconds of this 32 second ad telling you what they are selling.

What I think
I think that using sex to sell is a good way to sell something if it is done tastefully. The keyword there is tastefully. My opinion of tastefulness can differ from others but I am sure there is a middle ground where we can all agree on whether something is tasteful or not. Anyway the ads can be tasteful. I am a photographer and though I don’t do nude photography [nor do I really look at it, but I remember my photography teacher talking to us about nude photography and showing us pictures that were actually artistic and not disgusting] my point is that these ads can be artistic and tasteful. Another thing is that these ads can be clever or funny, they don’t have to be all ” BAM SEX LOOK WOMEN WILL WANT YOU! MEN WILL WANT YOU! YAY SEX SEX SEX!” If the ad is funny or is witty then, in my opinion, it doesn’t make the ad really distasteful or stupid. Another thing is…how hard is it to make an ad that has sex in it? It is kind of a no brainer. Come on lets try and use our brains and think a little and who knows maybe something intricate and exciting may come out. This is simply my opinion, take it or leave it.


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5 Responses to Sex Sells; yet another commentary

  1. Hi Monique,
    Thanks for this very thorough look at the pros and cons of ads. I particularly liked watching the commercial. I, too, had no clue! I still don’t! What is it perfume?


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  3. Interesting thoughts. Yes, they should think of someotherway to sell ads than sex, sex, sex. But would it be as fun? Don’t know…

    • Thanks and they definitely should think of new ways to advertise…I mean even if they had sex they could be witty or clever not just all “OOH SEX!” like I had mentioned at least make it tasteful.

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