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It seems my blog has acquired a lot of attention lately, which is pretty exciting. Especially sine my last update was over a year ago! I am going to make an honest effort to start updating as regularly as possible. If you have ideas or something you would like me to write about, then leave a comment below and I will consider it!

Thanks & take care!


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This entire blog was inspired from playing chess with a close friend of mine. I am terrible at chess and glad that my friend even plays with me.(I have to ask him what the rules are and how each piece can move, repeatedly throughout the entire game.) I would also like to address that I am writing this at 2 in the morning for two reasons. 1. I have to write this now or I will lose my entire train of thought on the subject. 2. I can’t sleep with all these words, thoughts, and ideas spinning around inside my head. I apologize for lack of correct spelling and prettier diction. Now onto the blog.

As I was playing chess with my friend Adam, I kept taking short, small, and meaningless movements that did not help me win in anyway whatsoever. As for Adam, he continually made big, smart, and strategic movements throughout the game which he ended up winning. I dawned upon this thought about half way through our game, “Being subtle doesn’t work in any situation. Whether you are playing chess or dealing with boys.” I think this is extremely true. Being subtle doesn’t get you what you want in life, in relationships, at work, in just about any situation. I will tell you what being subtle does get you, confusion and a whole lot of it. Whenever you are subtle with another individual, it will only bring confusion. They won’t pick up on your “hints” that you are trying to convey to them. Especially with guys, in my opinion. I have known for a long time that they don’t pick up on hints. It is best to tell them as straight forwardly as possible. (No offense to all the guys out there who could possibly be reading this. I have been told many times before by other guys that it is best to just be straight forward with a guy if you want him to know something and I am just passing along the message.)

As far as being straight forward goes in a relationship. If you take petty, safe, and meaningless, movements then that won’t help you get to where you want to be in a relationship. It is the adventurous, risky, and bold movements you might just end up where you want. The outcome might even surprise you a bit if you aren’t afraid to say exactly what you want to say or do exactly what you want to do. Now this is easier said than done of course and should be done with a little bit of caution of course. It wouldn’t be smart to act on impulse, and it would makes sense to think about something before you say it. Sometimes we all forget to think before we speak or and do anything which then ends up causing conflict. If you take time to think about what you are going to say or do the outcome can be quite satisfying, just like in a game of chess. Adam was thinking about his moves and using strategy which ultimately caused him to win the game, unlike the moves I took throughout the game which were petty, stupid, and pointless. It is important for people to think about what they do in a relationship and about how about each movement should cause you to win in the end. Whether winning means, getting married, having a relationship become official, or simply asking someone out and having them say yes in reply.

I would also like to advise that you aren’t reckless in relationships. Love can make people do some pretty weird things. Although I am trying to encourage people to be bold with this post I also want to advise that is important to be careful. In Proverbs 4:23 it says “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”It is important that we are careful with our hearts because they are extremely fragile, don’t be reckless with your heart. Be adventurous but smart in the sticky situations also known as relationships.

Hopefully I can listen start to listen to my own advice and possibly stop being so shy.


P.S To the few people who have been wanting more blogs from me I am sorry I haven’t posted in really long time. I just got distracted with summer and I really only try to write when I really feel I have a point to make. I don’t want to write every week and have it be meaningless. I want it to have some sort of meaning/emotion/experience….something behind my posts. I will make an attempt to write more soon.


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A relationship can be related to how clocks work. Clocks work in a very particular way and have many small pieces to them. Each piece must fit and work correctly for the clock to work correctly. If tiny piece is not working right, then the clock won’t work at all. Just because one piece is broken or does not work does not mean that it can not be fixed. Some pieces can be fixed easier than others, but it can be fixed. Clocks keep track of the time that seems to slowly or quickly pass everyone by. Time is related to and has an affect on every element of our lives, just like relationships.

There are many small pieces to a relationship, just like a clock. These small pieces can be the smile that makes everything better, or the feeling you get when the other walks in the room. These are small things but they are all important just like the small pieces in a clock. These small things are part of what makes a relationship work. The small things are what contribute to the big picture, the relationship as whole is built upon the smaller things. Without the small pieces a clock would not work, same goes with a relationship.

These small pieces can become broken sometimes which can be repaired. The small problems in a relationship can only make the relationship stronger. It is important to work through the small pieces. It is okay to say you are sorry or forgive someone, that simply shows that you care more about the relationship than about being right or your pride. For example, when I was little I had a watch that broke and I asked my dad to fix it. I really liked this watch, it was really cute. My dad never had it fixed which is okay. I eventually got a new watch and life went on. This is slightly similar to relationships. If there is a broken piece to a relationship it is important to ask if it is worth fixing? Do you care about the relationship, the other person, enough to fix it? Or do you feel it would be better to simply forget about it and move on with life? Hopefully you find that it your relationship is worth fixing. Hopefully each of you can talk about your problems in a civilized manner. When I say talk I mean talk. I do not mean yell. Just talk about everything. Don’t try to talk things out when you are both upset/angry because it can result in a nasty fight. Just wait until the both of you have calmed down and are ready to figure everything out. Don’t let your emotions drive your decisions. You may regret what you decided based on the emotion you were feeling in the current moment. Trying to talk it out when both of you are clearly upset, would be like trying to replace a piece of a broken clock with a quarter, it might work for a minute but will eventually break again. When both of you are planning on fixing a broken relationship it is important to do it right.

It is important that the two people in a relationship work together. A relationship will not work if there is only one person putting in all the efforts. It is important for each person to contribute equally. I know relationships are not easy. Not in the slightest. What makes them easier is communication and understanding. A simple miscommunication or misunderstanding can send a relationship spiraling down in no time. Just take the time to figure everything out and listen to one another. Things can always be fixed and put back together with the right tools.

Have you ever seen a clockwork? Have you ever noticed how it simply continues to tick-tock the seconds of the day away? This is partially what I imagine a wonderful relationship to work like. It just simply continues to work. With the two right people I think it would work correctly. A few pieces may break along the way or need some repairing but that is how it will be with any relationship. I sometimes notice couples in public and how well they work together. They just know everything about each other and understand each other completely. I just notice how it seems like they were made for each other. Just like the pieces inside of a clock. Each piece was crafted to fit another and work with the other. This is what I hope for my future relationship to be like. That he and I have a simple understanding of each other. I hope for my future relationship to be just like clockwork.


[It is summer so I will hopefully be posting more blogs. I am going to try and post at least once a week. Please leave comments with what you think about this post and any others!. Check out my links on the right side of the page. I just added the He is We link, they are one of my favorite bands and what I primarily listen to when I write these silly things. Take care and thanks for reading!]

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Couple photograph 1-http://mathys33.deviantart.com/

Couple photograph 2- http://mauseboy.deviantart.com/

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She wants to be a raindrop.

[Watch this video first then read this post.. or my post might not make a lot of sense]

My cousin’s girlfriend showed me this video. The first time I watched it I cried like a baby. I wanted to share this with all of you because I found it to be beautiful. Beautiful in a few ways, the entire concept behind this is absolutely wonderful, the way that this video is composed is aesthetically breathtaking, and the music complements the video perfectly.

I cried when I saw this video for a few reasons. The first reason is that the video made me realize how awful a heart break could be.[I have never had one before…and I don’t want one and hopefully I won’t have to experience it.] It caused me to realize that someone can care for another so much…but they don’t feel the same. It also made me think of how deeply someone could love another. How much someone can care for another. The way the objects talk about the girl and how much they care for her make me think about how much I want to love and care about someone someday, and how much I want someone to love and care for me someday. I think that is why I enjoy this video so much. It just reminds me why I am waiting for the right guy and not just going with any one that just comes along.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:4

This verse has been on my heart quite a bit lately. It is reminding me to delight and focus in on the love of God and he will bring me my husband. My prince charming. My knight in shining armor. I have to remember that he is my first love. I am his baby, his sweet heart, his daughter, and I don’t need a guy to make me feel special because God does. I want you to remember this too. You are his child. He loves you to pieces, mistakes and all. I encourage you to talk to God. He is listening and loves the sound of your voice.
Be a raindrop,

This is the link
to WongFu productions
they produced the video in this blog.

For those of you who have been wanting more blogs from me I apologize that I haven’t been writing much. School and work has just taken over my life lately, but summer is around the corner and I promise more blogs then. Take care & God Bless.

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Easy? I don’t think so.

This post is going out to all my fellow good girls. This post is for all the girls who don’t sneak out. This post is for all the girls who are bookworms. This for all the girls who have never been kissed. This is for all the girls who have never had a boyfriend. This is for all the girls who believe in God. This is for all the girls who don’t engage is promiscuous activities. This is for all the girls who don’t party. This is for all the girls who don’t even cuss. This is for all the girls who refuse to settle for less. This is for the girls who are tired of waiting for prince charming. This is for all my good girls out there. You aren’t the only one. I understand your frustrations.

[In the case that you don’t feel you are a “good” girl, or that this post may not apply to you just know I am not trying to leave anyone out. This is just a post that I feel certain girls may relate to more than others. Just because you don’t fit any of the description does not mean this post won’t be helpful. Also, if you are a boy, this post is not only for girls. In any case, please read on.]

Frustrated. That is how I feel and I know that my fellow good girls are feeling. I was talking to a close friend of my mine really late at night and we could not help but wonder why? Why don’t we have boyfriends? Why can’t we fall in love? Why don’t guys like us? Why? Why? Why? We continually asked each other these questions going in circles trying to answer all of them. We have conversations like this frequently and always wonder why? We sometimes begin to fall into self doubt and being extremely self conscious. We begin to wonder what other girls have that we simply seem to not have. We knock ourselves down to simply nothing when we shouldn’t, but sometimes it just happens.

Then suddenly it dawned on me. We were talking on the phone and I said “I get it. I know it. I know why it is so hard for us to fall in love.” She replied with something along the lines of “Oh really? Tell me.” and I said ” It is hard for us to fall in love because we are not easy.” My fellow good girls, we are not easy. Period. We don’t go around engaging in promiscuous acts, drinking, partying, etc. We are good girls. Personally it seems to me that nowadays guys want a girl who will do just those things. Seems to me that what they want is an easy girl, and we my dears are not easy. Now, before I get a comment from a guy claiming that he doesn’t want a girl like that, I would like to say I know that there are nice guys out there. There are still some gentlemen in this world, it is just going to be difficult to find them. Gentlemen, there are still ladies out there waiting for you to come to our rescue.

It is just a little discouraging at times. Personally, I sometimes can’t help but not feel good enough. Then I have to stop thinking like an idiot and realize that there is someone out there for me and I just need to stop being impatient. I only sometimes wonder about the guys in my past that who have asked me out and I turned down. I wasn’t mean about it, I could not possibly think about being mean to someone who had built up the courage, and put themselves out there by asking me out. Back to my point with this, I sometimes feel bad about saying no, and thinking about if I said yes how I might “be in love” or have a boyfriend right now. Then I have to remember that those guys weren’t right for me. Those guys were right for someone just not me, and I have to remember that as well.

What I am trying to say is, my fellow good girls, don’t give up. Don’t go to the dark side. Don’t change yourselves just to be with a guy. Just be you. Find a guy who loves you for you. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Don’t get into a relationship just to be in one. It is better to be single and happy, then stuck with someone who doesn’t make you happy. Remember, falling love is going to be hard because we aren’t easy. We aren’t easy to please. Find the perfect gentleman for you and you will realize he was worth the wait. We are waiting for our prince charming. I am playing the waiting game with you too. It isn’t the easiest game to play but keep playing and you won’t lose in this game called love.
Mind your manners!

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In all honesty, I am only trying to help out others by sharing my experiences here. If you are a girl who parties with her boyfriend or whatever. I am not trying to bash on you or your relationship. At all. I am not trying to make anyone feel bad with this post. I hope this helps those other good girls out there.

[Sorry I haven’t updated in the longest time. This is my first post in about 2 months. I apologize for that. I know there might have been some who were waiting for a new post. I have the age old of excuse of being busy….and a little lazy. I am going to work on posting at least twice a week.]

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Even fairytale characters would be jealous…

Fairy tales seem to have given just about every single girl the wrong idea about love. It gives the idea that we are all a princess waiting for our prince to come and save us so we can live happily ever after and that is where the problem begins. I continually wait and wait for this so called prince charming but if you recall in all of those Disney movies all of the princess’ waited for a long time before their prince charming found them. There was always an obstacle that the prince would have to come over to save the princess and of course it wasn’t easy. There was always a evil dragon, witch, or some sort of spell to break to save the princess and without any question the prince willingly would save the princess.

Although those are simply fairy tales and made up for entertainment, I have started to think of a different interpretation for fairy tale’s. A modern fairy tale or interpretation could go something along the lines of their being a girl (the princess) and a boy (the prince). The girl may not be locked far away in the tallest tower guarded by a dragon (that might be child abuse…) but there are problems that can be symbolized such things. Lets say the boy likes the girl and she might like him however, he needs to defeat the dragon and rescue her from the tower. Okay the girl might have been through a lot in her life lets say she has been heartbroken before, cheated on, & lied to by everyone. The previous heart break can be symbolized by the distance & the locked up part of the tower, the heart break can be symbolized by the tower, and the dragon can symbolize the fact that the girl has been lied to by everyone. The boy needs to figure away out to rescue the girl from herself, he needs to help her let her walls down, and figure out why she is so guarded. This is possibly the most difficult part of the story and the boy needs to tackle each problem one part at a time and be extremely strategic about each. The boy needs to earn her trust which will definitely be a task but so is defeating a dragon. Once the boy has found the tower, defeated the dragon, and unlocked it is when he has finally rescued her. After the boy has done all of this he has proven himself to the girl and has shown her that everything is going to be okay. And they lived happily ever after.

I hope I was able to make a connection between fairy tales and modern day issues and how the two relate. I know not all cases will fit the example I gave but hopefully it can give the idea of how they connect in some sort sense. The problems may not always be the same or always pertain to the girl, or just one person in general, because lets face it we all have problems and reasons why we are guarded. The reasons why we are guarded or have walls up etc, may not be such huge issues as heartbreak or anything it can be smaller issues. Either way our prince or princess is going to understand us. It is important that we find someone who can tear our walls down with our permission and trust that they won’t hurt us. If we end up being hurt then obviously that person wasn’t our prince or princess and we simply have to continue waiting…because all of those princess’ waited a long time for their prince to rescue them.

In saying that we have to wait for the prince or princess to rescue us or possibly rescuing each other this will develop and long and lasting relationship that would make fairytale characters jealous. To all my fellow princess’ out there, just be patient your prince will come and he will definitely be worth the wait. To all the prince’s out there, please hurry. For all of you remember you must love your self before you an love anyone else out there. You don’t need someone else to complete you or to make you feel whole because God made you whole and all you need is him. For those of you who are tired or weary from looking for love or feel that you can’t love anyone run to God and he will show you that it will be okay. God cares about you more than anyone else and you are his prized possession please remember that.

Locked away in a tower,


image credits.

Michelle Monique on Deviantart

Visualize us.

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The Rules of Communication? What are they?

Who calls first? Aren’t you supposed to wait x amount of days before contacting someone after getting their number? It is a question that plagues the mind of both sexes.

In my opinion I personally do not go up and just give out my number to a guy or ask for his number, like I have mentioned previously I am extremely old fashioned and I don’t know why. I wait for a guy to ask me for my number or contact information. Either way when do you know to text or call someone. I have heard that you should not text/call them the same day you got their number.. but then I have also heard you should wait 3 days. Should you text/call them a lot or a little? I figure if they have my number and have some sort of interest in me then they will call me or text me first.. and when they don’t I start to get worried and I somehow end up texting/calling them. Maybe I should just flat out ask the next person…should I text/call you or you text me?

Another thing that I suppose annoys me with communication nowadays is texting. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy texting but I find it to be so much less personal than a telephone conversation. Texting is convenient and a nice way to talk to someone but there is something about a phone call that is just better than texting. This texting whole thing just has complicated things to an extent. There is never a goodbye in texting…sometimes people just completely stop texting you.. and you are left with the question of why (especially if it is someone you like). My friends and I come up with all of these excuses for the other person who stopped texting us for example, “Maybe he got busy?” “Maybe he fell asleep?” or “Maybe his phone didn’t receive the message…?” We come up with these excuses to make ourselves better.. and although it maybe be true he did get “busy” or “fell asleep” but then again.. maybe he got bored and didn’t want to talk to you anymore.. and that is the lousy truth on that.

As I draw to a close this was more of me asking a question along with “ranting” about texting. Let me know your thoughts on this topic? What do you thing? Are there rules?…if there are..please tell me. What are your rules?

~Text me!


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